Bike Elf Stories: Phillip & Josiah Tucker

Meet Phillip and Josiah Tucker. Bike Elf is thrilled to premier Bike Elf stories by highlighting these two young men and promoting a video about how they earned bicycles through Bike Elf’s partnership with the Boys and Girls Club Blount County (BGCBC).

The Tucker brothers earned bikes from Bike Elf at the BGCBC during Summer 2016 by participating in the summer Brain Gain reading and academic program. Brain Gain prevents summer learning loss and bridges the gap between grades by providing structured learning opportunities for enrolled kids. Every child enrolled in the BGCBC summer program participates in Brain Gain. Bike Elf awards bicycles to the top 25 participants. Participation ranking is based on achievement, involvement and attendance.

Just as every child is unique, every Bike Elf Story is too. Bike Elf Stories however, all share that element of universal joy, pride and sense of accomplishment that we get when we have worked for a goal and attained it. Parents of Bike Elf recipients, like Phillip Tucker, Sr. in this video, express immense gratitude not only for the “like new” bicycle their children receive, but especially for the important lesson that the bike represents.

Bike Elf is based on the idea that one of the most important things we can do, as parents and citizens, is instill the values of hard work into the children in our community. This is a mindset that will help them accomplish great things, and makes them more independent and self-sufficient as they go throughout their lives. These values will help them become good at many things, because they will know what they can accomplish, if they put their mind to it.

Congratulations to Phillip and Josiah Tucker for meeting your goal and earning your bicycle.


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