Bike Elf: Bikes for Brains & Hard Work

Bike Elf and the Boys & Girls Club of Blount County partnership continues with bikes awarded to deserving members for exemplary participation in the Power Hour Study program. Additionally, eight members achieved Youth of the Month in August through November 2015 and Youth of the Year – 2015 is also recognized.

Boys & Girls Club Blount County

Following the Bikes for Brains & Hard Work ceremony, a GoPro video camera was mounted on the handle bars of each recipient’s bicycle while these proud children took their “first spin around the gym” on the bicycle they earned from Bike Elf.

Bike Elf and The Boys & Girls Club continue to challenge BGCBC members by inviting them to earn bicycles this spring 2016 via Honor Roll, Bike Elf Honor Roll, participation in the Power Hour study program and Youth of the Month.


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