Bike Elf Partnership: Wesley House Kick Off

The Wesley House /Bike Elf partnership launches Bike Elf’s new initiative: Read, Write & Ride with Bike Elf by challenging the children of Wesley House Community Center’s CARES (Children’s After-school Recreational & Educational Support) program to earn a bicycle over the Spring 2017 school term.

The challenge: K-8th grade students can earn a bicycle by achieving all A’s & E’s (1st level honor roll) in both grading periods between January and May 2017. Bicycles will be awarded at a ceremony in early June 2017.

Read, write & Ride with Bike Elf

Wesley House CARES enrollees are challenged to Step Up and Earn a Bike by marking their height and signing their name on several 2’ x 4’ posters that will indicate what size bike they’ll need once they achieve the goal of 1st level honor roll.

Anderson Olds, Wesley House Program Director said the top two CARES program goals for 2017 were: 1) to find ways to honor their participant children by celebrating them and their successes, and 2) to create motivating educational programs and incentivize learning. He and his team had not come up with a solution for achieving those goals when Leigh and Dewayne Wilson called him in October 2016 and requested a meeting to discuss the two organizations partnering in the new year.  Bike Elf and Read, Write & Ride is the perfect fit.

The Bike Elf organization is equally enthusiastic about the partnership and the amazing fit between the two organizations. Dewayne Wilson feels strongly about the ethos that all Bike Elf bicycles are given to recipients who have “earned” them. The Wilsons were thrilled when Anderson Olds was emphatic that the goal for CARES participants should be straight A’s only.

Over the next four months Bike Elf and Wesley House have several programs and incentive activities planned for Bike Elf to visit the CARES enrollees to remind them of their goal and keep them motivated to achieve earning a bicycle for the June 2017 giveaway.


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