Read, Write & Ride®

Read, Write and Ride with Bike Elf® LogoBike Elf introduces Read, Write & Ride with Bike Elf. Read, Write & Ride is a campaign Bike Elf uses to incentivize children using refurbished bicycles and recognizing education, community service and sports achievements.

As a start to the Read, Write & Ride with Bike Elf initiative, several puzzles and bicycle-related lessons have been created to get everybody interested in learning. Not just learning, but learning about bicycles!

Read, Write & Ride lessons are designed to create a greater awareness, understanding, and appreciation of bicycling and bicycling’s influence on our lives for students throughout the state of Tennessee and beyond. The Fourth-Grade Curriculum is just the beginning of educational resource material and learning incentives that Read, Write & Ride with Bike Elf plans to offer in the months and years ahead.

Step Up and Earn a Bike from Bike Elf

Students “Step Up” to the contract

Step Up and Earn a Bike from Bike Elf

Bike Elf volunteers measure students and have them sign “Step Up and Earn a Bike” posters

Students “Step Up and Earn a Bike” by being measured for a bicycle against 5-foot tall posters and signing their name at their height on the poster as a symbol of their contract with Bike Elf to work toward the goal. Ideally, the signed “Step Up” posters remain visible to students for the entire goal time frame as a reminder of the contract and as a motivational tool for working toward goal attainment.

Read or download Read, Write & Ride puzzles, bicycle-related lessons and stories, and quizzes via the menu above, or by clicking the links below.  Teachers can access accompanying Instructor Guides on these pages too. Lessons are designed to supplement basic school curriculum. Tennessee Education Standards supported by each Read, Write & Ride educational activity are outlined in the instructor material. All material can be downloaded and printed by clicking the links at the bottom of lesson pages.


Read, Write & Ride with Bike Elf… taking “You donate ’em, We fix ’em, and Kids earn ’em” to a whole new level.

Read, Write & Ride with Bike Elf lessons:

Bike Cops & Bicycle Patrols

Cross-Country Bicycling

Crossword Puzzle – Bicycle Terms

Word Finder Puzzle – Bicycle Terms

The Wright Brothers