Bike Cops & Bicycle Patrols

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You know that riding a bicycle can be fun. Did you know that some policemen and policewomen ride bicycles to do their jobs? They are called bike cops.

Many cities have bike cops. Bike cops often ride on city streets. Other times they ride in parks or shopping centers. Sometimes they ride at parades and other special events.

Bike cops have many advantages. They can go faster on bicycles than they can on foot. What if a bike cop sees someone grab a woman’s purse? It is faster to chase the thief on a bicycle than to run after him on foot.

When there is a lot of traffic, a bicycle can be faster than a car. That is why there are many bike cops in big cities. A bicycle can also go up on sidewalks and other places that a car can’t go.

It is easy for people to walk up and talk to bike cops. These people might tell the bike cops about a problem or someone who needs help. They might even tell the bike cops about a crime.

Sometimes bad guys don’t notice bike cops. Bicycles are quiet. The bike cops can ride right up to people making a drug deal or doing another crime. The bad guys never hear the bike cops coming.

Bicycles are less expensive than cars. They don’t need gas and they are cheaper to maintain. So police departments can save money if they buy bicycles instead of cars.

Bicycle riding is good exercise for anyone. It also helps bike cops stay in shape. Some bike cops ride their bikes more than 100 miles in a week. That is more fun than to going to the gym to work out.

Can bike cops ride just any bike? The answer is yes, but they often ride sturdy bikes that are made for police work. Police bicycles can have a place to put things like a first aid kit. Police bikes can even have flashing red and blue lights like a police motorcycle or police car.

Bike cops wear uniforms that are comfortable for bike riding. They often wear bright colors so that car drivers can see them. They might wear glasses and gloves to protect their eyes and hands. Bike cops always wear helmets when they ride. You should wear a helmet every time you ride your bike too.

Bike cops must take special training classes. They learn bicycle safety in these classes. They learn how to jump off their bicycle quickly if they need to chase a suspect on foot. They learn how to surround a suspect using their bicycle. They practice riding around things and even up and down steps! You never know where a bike cop might need to go.

Bike cops like to be around children. In some cities, bike cops and kids take special rides together. Bike cops might teach children about bike safety. Mostly, bike cops tell kids to have fun on their bikes.

Many bike cops love their jobs. They get to ride their bikes while they keep people safe. They can have fun and do their work at the same time.

Read, Write and Ride with Bike Elf Activity

Would you like to be a bike cop someday? Write a paragraph explaining why you would or would not want to be a bike cop someday.


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